The Captain's FAQ

Q: Can you send me instructions on how to make my organ sound like a B-3?

A: In most cases, no. (The real answer is somewhat more complex, but in general the short version holds true)


Q: Where can I find more information on how to make my organ sound like a B-3?

A: I can recommend joining Hamtech - you can read more here:


Q: Can you repair my organ or Leslie?

A: Sure, depending on where you are and what you have.
     Please see for an explanation of the services I can offer


Q: Can you tell me what my organ or Leslie is worth, or how much I should pay for a given piece of equipment?

A:  I can give you rough estimates, but be aware that prices vary a lot depending on location.


Q:  Can I advertise on your website?

A:  No. Stuff goes on my website because I like it to be there. You are welcome to send me a link to your site and if I find it relevant, I will add it to my links page, no strings attached.


Q: Why didn't I receive a response to my e-mail?

A: If I accidentally overlooked your e-mail, I apologize. Feel free to try again using the contact form (link on About page). If you did not sign your name (nickname, full name, first name, gangster name - I don't care), you will not receive a response.


Q: Do you have some sort of disorder since you like putting stuff into tables and lists all the time?

A: Quite possibly. However, it could also just be because I am a (happy) amateur when it comes to web-design.


Q: What do you think of 'clones' - i.e. modern Hammond organ / Leslie speaker emulator?

A: I am all for them - they enable musicians to play organ in places and at times where using a real tonewheel organ is not practical. The clones also keep the interest for the organ sound alive.


Q: But what you really think about clones?

A: I will be perfectly honest and say that clones don't really interest me that much. To me there is nothing like the real thing. This is most likely because I am a guitarist first and an organ-wannabe second. That being said, I appreciate all tonewheel models for what they are even if some like to look down their nose at anything but the B-3.


Q: Are you always this grumpy?

A: No, for a couple of hours after I have my morning coffee and likewise after my late-night beer, I am slightly less grumpy.