The Decorator Leslies - page 2
Shorty models, decorator style



Left is a picture of the 245/242 cabinet. Unlike the 222/247 model, this cabinet kept the placement of the horn and rotor from the normal versions.


This Leslie 245 is yet another finding of Dave Hallam in Cape Town.
It now resides in Denmark in a small town south of Copenhagen.





Same Leslie as above, only from a different angle. Notice the louvres at the top and bottom.



Same Leslie again. This time from the back. Pretty interesting shot from Dave here. The cabinet looks very much like a normal upright Leslie 145 from this angle.



On the left we have a Leslie 242, as indicated by the two 12AU7 tubes in the amplifier. There are horisontal louvres cut in the front baffle, though they are not visible from the outside.
Close-up of the amplifier in the Leslie 242 (the amp itself is of course a Leslie 122 type). Also visible are the horizontal louvers in the front panel for the bass sound.The amp has no black 'Leslie 122' label, suggesting it was built after 1972. The serial number (see below) also confirms this, but I am unable to give the exact year at this time.

The Leslie 242 pictures are kindly donated by Mr. Roger Ruddick of Florida, U.S.A.

Mr. Don Cicchetti in California, U.S.A. has given me the following pictures of a Leslie 245.

The bass speaker is a Jensen C15LL with a ceramic magnet. This can be seen on the square magnet. Older Leslies had the AlNiCo magnet type P15LL woofer with a round magnet.


On the right is the 147 amp in this cabinet.


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