Here I have gathered together my collection of Leslie pictures, commercial flyers, brochures, info sheets and other tidbits.

Many of the items found here have been given to me by friends, either as originals or as scans ready to use on the web. I especially wish to thank Hans Wehner for his many contributions.

The scans come in no particular order. Please be patient if a particular graphic takes a while to load - it should be worth it. Any new contributions are, naturally, accepted with gratitude.


First item: A Norwegian flyer about the model 760

In doubt of where or how to install a Leslie cabinet in your home or church? This sheet might be just what you need!

The registration card that came with the early 70's Leslie 825 I used to own

Maybe you own a Leslie 45 or 25, maybe you do not. Either way, here is a neat little page with suggested registrations to use with your Leslie speaker. Since the models discussed on the pages were not made for Hammond organs (this would have been model 22H at that time) there is no mention of drawbars here.

And here is a nifty Danish brochure advertising the different Leslie models available in Denmark in the late 60's

Another great item from Hans Wehner. Early 70's brochure featuring Swedish organist Merit Hemmingsson, an unnamed sales person and two Leslie cabinets. (It is interesting how up-to-date her hair and clothes are looking)
Leslie 122 info flyer.    
Here are some wonderful pictures of a 1973 Leslie 142, courtesy of Mr. Regan Bull of Ontario, Canada. View'em and drool... Great finish, won't you say? From the side Leslie 142 and PR-40 side by side
Regan has more Leslies. This is a single speed model 25 - also known as Orpheus. A Leslie in the great Canadian outdoors      
I picked up this Leslie Combo Preamp brochure on eBay. It is from 1983.
A nice Leslie 122R. The serial number indicates that it was among the first 250 cabinets made of this model. The pictures were kindly given to me by Daniel Chavez. This Leslie now lives in the state of Utah, USA.

The cut-out in the left side of the upper back panel indicates that this cabinet was prepared for a reverb amplifier
This is a Leslie 45 - single speed and gorgeous. Thanks to Mr. Apostol in USA

A great brochure about Leslie model 25 (The Orpheus) of late 50's vintage. I was fortunate to purchase this on eBay.
The Leslie 760 brochure in the German version (thanks to Zsolt in Hungary)

Another item from Zsolt: The official price list for Leslies from the German manufacturer, the June 1976 issue. The marketing slogan in German translates to 'Only Leslie gives the sound of a Leslie'. Prices are given in DM (Deutsche Mark).

Another warranty card - this time for a Leslie Combo Preamp.
These notes came with different Combo Preamps in the envelope containing the manual, warranty card (see above) and some further instructions. Model 7875 refers to the original Combo Preamp, model 7370 is the 9-pin Combo Preamp II.
Another interesting thing from Zsolt in Hungary, a 1970 price list from Hammond Organ Co. in the UK. I have posted it here because it also has Leslie speakers in it. Note the dual pricings, this is a few years before the decimal system was made official.
More UK pricelists from Zsolt - from 1971 and 1974
This 'groovy' 1970's brochure shows the ProLine series of Leslies. Kindly donated by Reinier de Groot of The Netherlands.

A 1980 brochure on Leslie model 315, thanks to Co Vromans of The Netherlands.
Another of the familiar 'psychedelic swirl' Leslie flyers of the 1970s. This is model 147/147RV. Unlike most of these brochures, this particular one does not have a diagram on the back. In case you were wondering, yes I did have to apply quite a bit of touch-up due to extensive water damage.
Co in The Netherlands sent another 'swirl' flyer, also in yellow. This is Leslie model 110.

A really nice 1960s brochure featuring the new chorale sound of model 125.

Similar brochure as the one above covering model 145 and the larger 147.

Richard of Tone On Wheels in Ottawa has kindly lent me this and the following Leslie flyer. Here is model 145 in a blue swirl.
Model 242, the decorator version of model 142 seen previously on this page.
Early 70's Combo Preamp flyer issued at the same time as the 'groovy' ProLine brochure also found on this page.
ProLine Leslie flyer - model 820. The 820 replaced model 825 in the mid-70's. The only real difference is the input socket that was changed from the old 9-pin system to the current 11-pin layout.
This flyer depicts Leslie model 330. The 330 is basically a shorter version of model 760 but without the active crossover.
Late 50s (I think) registration card for a Leslie model 51.
1971 model guide - kindly supplied by K-J Rathjens of Germany
Here is the decorator version of model 147/147RV - i.e. model 247/247RV
Leslie model 145 - this is of the most desirable variety with the P15LL speaker. The cabinet is very similar to the single speed model 45 (see further up the page) but not identical. Pictures are courtesy of Brooks Reid, FL, USA.

Another Leslie registration card, this time for a model 251. Scan kindly donated by Eric Benson in California, USA.