This Month

Welcome to the first issue of This Month. Starting February 2007 there will be a monthly feature containing stuff that doesn't really fit into the other categories on the website. It also gives me the opportunity to do something I have been wanting to do for a long time: Organist Of The Month. With this website getting so much attention, I felt it needed some 'community' content in addition to the strictly technical material.

Thanks to all users of the website, your support makes it all worthwhile. Stay tuned!

-The Captain, Feb 11/07

What's with the Leslie prices?
What's with the Leslie prices these days? It seems that a standard 1970's model 122 is now fetching closer to 1500 USD than 1000 USD on eBay. Funny thing, imho, is that another trend of selling Leslies in pieces seems to defy the logic of the rising prices. If a complete cabinet is worth more now, why is it a benefit to dismantle it and sell it in pieces?