Captain Foldback Organ & Amp Service

Price list effective May 2010

Service calls

Basic service charge (Peterborough ON and area):            $ 75.00

...Eastern GTA, Quinte, Hastings:                                  $ 135.00

...Western GTA, Kingston, Northumberland:                      E-mail

Labour charge after the first hour, per hour:                    $ 75.00

Special projects (multiple instruments or the like):               E-mail


Mail-order rebuild/repair jobs

Due to the nature of these jobs it is impossible to quote a fixed price. Generally speaking, a complete rebuild of a Leslie tube amplifier is in the 250-350 dollar range including parts and basic postal shipping one way. A rebuild of a Leslie combo preamp is $65 plus parts and shipping. E-mail with your inquiry.



Hammond oil, 4 oz bottle                                                    $ 10.45

CE Dist Leslie amp replacement filter cap 30-30-30-10 / 475     $  35.00



"Winged C"/Svetlana 6550 power tubes, matched pair             $  95.00 (Leslie 122, 147, 22H etc.)

"Winged C"/Svetlana 6L6 power tubes, matched pair               $  65.00 (Leslie 125, 25)

"Winged C"/Svetlana 6L6 power tubes, matched quad              $ 130.00 (Leslie 21H, 31H, 46W)

JJ 6V6 power tubes, matched pair                                        $  35.00 (Hammond M-series organs)

JJ 6V6 power tubes, matched quad                                       $  70.00 (Leslie 21H (20W), 44W)

JJ 6BQ5/EL-84 power tubes, matched pair                              $  25.00 (Hammond L-100 series)

JJ 6BQ5/EL-84 power tubes, matched quad                            $   50.00 (Hammond PR/QR series)

JJ 7591 power tubes, matched pair                                       $   40.00 (Hammond E-XXX/H-XXX series)

"Winged C"/Svetlana EL-34 power tubes, matched pair             $   65.00

"Winged C"/Svetlana EL-34 power tubes, matched quad            $ 130.00

Please note: "Winged C" tubes are also available in the 'Cryogenic burn-in' de-luxe version. E-mail for pricing.


JJ 12AU7                                                                          $  11.50

JJ 12AX7/7025 low noise                                                      $ 13.50

JJ 12AX7/7025 ultra low noise gold pins                                   $ 26.00

JJ 12AT7                                                                           $ 12.00

6C4 single triode                                                                 $ 10.00 (Hammond -3 series)

6AU6 pentode                                                                    $  10.00 (Hammond -3 series)


6X4 rectifier                                                                       $ 13.00 (Hammond -3 series consoles)

JJ 5U4GB rectifier                                                                $ 17.50

JJ 5AR4 rectifier                                                                  $ 19.00


Leslie kits (new)                                                              E-mail                                          

Custom built connectors                                                    E-mail

Leslie speakers (new)                                                       E-mail



Prices are given in Canadian dollars.
Ontario residents are charged PST for goods and services.

I do not export US made finished goods products back to the US.
US based customers should order these from my colleagues South of the border: or

Yes, I do accept PayPal as well as cash, cheque (Canada only) and Canadian e-mail bank transfers (and whatever we can figure out). The only way I can accept credit cards is through PayPal.