The ammond P-100 portable spinet

As mentioned in the pages about ProLine Leslie models, a version of the L-100 spinet was made in Germany and Denmark called P-100, 'P for Portable'. This model was but for a few details the same as the US made Porta-B and the Belgian L100P models. The P-100 had the option of a built-in interface for the 760/770/825 Leslies.
On the left and below, some scans of an early 70's Danish commercial flyer (kindly sent to me by Hans Wehner).
Click here to see an English translation of the Danish text.

On the picture, the lower left end-block that would normally contain the Leslie control tablets (Leslie on/off and fast/stop/slow) is just left 'plain'. I do not know if the accompanying, shall we say, 'portable' stool is a design from the Danish manufacturer or in fact an 'official' Hammond accessory.

The 1970 price list from The Netherlands you can see in the Price Lists Section, shows that the L-100P (or L-100PN as they called it) was sold without a bench/stool.


P-100 spinet

Here is the back of the flyer with the technical specs:

And here is my translation of the above specs:

Technical specifications
MANUALS	   2 manuals, each with 3 octave from F to C
		Free combinations for lower manual consisting of 7 drawbars (stops), 
		8', 4', 2 2/3', 2', 1 3/5', 1 1/3', 1', each adjustable in 8 levels.
		Presets for lower manual: Ensemble.
    		Free combinations for upper manual consisting of 9 drawbars (stops), 
		16', 5 1/3',8', 4', 2 2/3', 2', 1 3/5', 1 1/3', 1', each adjustable in 8 levels.
		Presets for upper manual: Trumpet, clarinet, full organ.
		Percussion: Second Harmonic, third Harmonic, fast Decay, soft.
REVERB		3 different levels available by using Reverb I and Reverb II 
		and the two simultaneously.
VIBRATO		3 vibrato tablets enabling 6 different combinations of vibrato 
		or chorus/vibrato.
PEDAL	13 notes from C to C, adjustable in 8 levels with one drawbar (stop).
EXPRESSION PEDAL  Regulates the sound level
ADDITIONAL FEATURES "Volume-Soft" tablet for lowering the sound level, 
			"Brilliance" tablet for a brighter sound.