P 100
with electromagnetic tone generation

P-100 contains, despite its compact construction,
all the known and sought-after Hammond-benefits, innumerable
tone possibilities - reverb and vibrato.

P-100 sticks out as a one-of-a-kind among portable
organs in ways of tone, effects, construction and quality.
P-100 is preferred by groups, orchestras and solo artistes
because of its easy portability. It has despite its compact
construction the sound that the audience likes, but only a
Hammond can deliver.

All organists that values quality and value for money in its
ultimate consequence ((wow!)) will welcome P-100 as an up-to-
date organ that will satisfy every musical demand.

P-100 may be connected to any amplifier and used with a Leslie speaker.
The instrument is supplied complete with bench.

Dimensions ((centimetres)), closed:
Length  108cm
Width    63cm
Height   32cm
Weight   68kg

Pedal section, closed:
Length  108cm
Height   16cm
Depth    57cm
Weight   22kg
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