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MARCH 2007

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Feb 2007 - Introduction

Sorry - still no Organist of The Month
I haven't yet finished preparations for the first Organist of The Month - but it's on the way, so check back soon! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Out and about with the soldering iron
This past weekend I visited a fellow Hammond lover in lovely Windsor, Ontario. The main mission was to check on his newly purchased model D and make it Leslie ready.


The trip saw a rebuild of the old model D preamp, a partial rebuild of the rheostat box (which acts as the expression control on older Hammond organs as opposed to the variable air capacitor found in later ones), replacing several metres of old crumbly AC wiring and fitting Leslie switches on the front. Thanks to John and Mike, my every move was documented and put on Flickr:

(Photo on the right taken by Mike)


====oooo=== Website Updates ====oooo====

Check out the cool old D-100 ad I picked up on eBay - it's under Hammond Memorabilia.

The T-500 schematics section is being updated - new scans in much better quality are being uploaded.


Split vibrato version of the XK-3 keyboard to be unveiled

Hammond-Suzuki is releasing a new version of the XK-3 keyboard - the XK-3c where you can use the chorus/vibrato effect in a split configuration. The new model will be unveiled on the Frankfurt Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany later this month. Also at the Musikmesse, will be a presentation of the compact Leslie 3300.

More information can be found through and,HA