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Captain Foldback

About the Captain

Not very much to say, is there ;-) - mid-thirties, engineer, guitar player. Your average geek, I'd say.

About the nickname

I got the nickname from a member of The Hammond Technical List - the e-mail list I spend time on every day - after I'd described in detail how I had fitted extra contacts and wires in my M-3 organ, thus obtaining full foldback on the manuals.

About the site

This site is made to aid other Hammond and Leslie enthusiasts around the world as well as providing amusement and knowledge. My only financial interest in the site (other than paying the bill...) is to attract customers to my organ repair business. I try to acknowledge all contributors to the best of my abilities.
I want to thank the following persons for their special contributions:
Harvey Olsen, Chicago, IL, USA (invaluable source material, schematics and general knowledge) - Hans Wehner, Esbjerg, Denmark (many scans of both vintage Hammond/Leslie material as well as pictures from his personal collection) and Adrianne Schutt, ON, Canada (general help and guidance with the (web-) design) - without the three of them, these pages would be a lot less entertaining and pleasant to look at :) .

Unfortunately I have had to add the following:

  • While you are encouraged to download any of the material presented here for your own personal use, I do not allow others to publish items hosted at captain-foldback.com - this includes 'lifting' text for online advertisements (such as eBay)
  • Do not download the schematics to sell them on eBay, do not try and make money out of material you downloaded here
  • If you are in doubt of whether your usage of anything you have downloaded here is appropriate, feel free to e-mail me
  • You are always welcome to place a link to www.captain-foldback.com or http://captain-foldback.com on your website or in your eBay ad.

Should you encounter any technical problems viewing or downloading these pages or the files, please send me a note at TheCaptain@_removethis_captain-foldback.com or fill in the contact form. You are encouraged to read the FAQ.


Lars Mikael
'Captain Foldback'