Captain Foldback Organ & Amp Service
Owned and operated by Lars Mikael Verholt, M.Sc. - Peterborough, ON, Canada
Services offered
  • Repair and maintenance of Hammond organs, Hammond tone cabinets, Leslie speakers and guitar/bass/keyboard amps
  • Creation of custom Leslie kits, adapters and cables
  • Rebuilds/repairs of amplifiers via mail-order

Mail-order repairs are available to anyone, worldwide, but it's probably only economically feasible for customers in the US and Canada.

Local service calls

Service calls may be requested in Central Ontario (home base is Peterborough, NE of Toronto).  I can supply genuine Hammond-Suzuki service parts, as well as TrekII, Mojotone and CE products. Click for my price list.

My qualifications

I have a degree in engineering (electronics/acoustics) and several years of experience repairing, rebuilding and designing audio circuitry. In particular, I have experience with Hammond organs and Leslie speakers, as well as guitar amps. I am also an active musician with a non-compromising ear. Feel free to check out the rest of the website if you haven't already done so. References are available.


Please contact me by e-mail: . You may also use the contact form.

I do have a phone but I don't know if I am keeping the number, so I would rather not post it here until I know for sure what's going to happen.

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