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APRIL 2007

Organist of the Month!

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Tony Monaco

Ladies and gentlemen,
we have an organist of the month!! I told you, you wouldn't be disappointed, the organist is none other than the great Tony Monaco!
Click here to read the first Organist of the Month feature.

====oooo=== Website Updates ====oooo====

Oops - I made a typo on the R-100 pages and typed Leslie kit #8040 instead of 8050. I've fixed that. To hear an R-100 in action, check out the YouTube video on the right. The player is a little mistaken about what model of organ he is playing and whether it has tubes - but his playing is fine. I never knew you could play gospel on the R-100 (R-182 to be precise - thanks to Bob for correcting me - I originally stated R-124).

Schematics are being upgraded
The M-3 'late version' schematic has been replaced with a version that is legible :)

Amp rebuild services by Captain Foldback

The Captain now offers Hammond/Leslie amp rebuild/repair services at very reasonable prices. For most projects I do not charge for labour, I do it to help and out of love for the Hammond/Leslie sound. My speciality is old Leslie amps such as 31H and 32H. I rebuild in various 'grades' depending on how original the owner wants it to look and sound. Conversions from one model to another are also possible, as well as voltage conversion of later models. Solid state Leslie projects are welcome, but be aware that parts are sometimes hard to come by.

Please contact me at TheCaptain@captain-foldback.com_Remove_Before_Sending or fill out the contact form, if you wish to discuss a project. References are available.