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At last - the X-mas issue is here!
I'm really sorry it has taken so long to get this issue done. Things have been very busy for me. Also, I haven't gotten an organist of the month lined up yet, but I hope to have that bit added within a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the current contents and check back later.

Captain Foldback

Captain Foldback Organ & Amp Service

It's official! I'm now offering organ, Leslie and amplifier repair services to the general public. I do service calls in the province of Ontario (Canada) as well as mail order repairs/rebuilds of amplifiers and related equipment for customers worldwide. In addition, I can create custom Leslie connection kits and adapters. Please look here for more information.

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In other news

Vanessa Rodrigues is out with a new CD, just in time for your Christmas shopping needs. The title of this new volume is Gale/Rodrigues Group Live at the Rex - the Gale part being Toronto saxophone maestro Chris Gale. You can pick up this great collection of tunes and read more about it here:

Oh - and Vanessa's fantastic Soul Project ensemble is playing Nov 21 and 22 in Montreal and the cover charge is only $4! That's a steal. If you can't make it to Montreal, then you need to buy the Soul Project CD - you can thank me later. The CD and more info about the Soul Project shows are available at Vanessa's website.

LDB3 to issue new CD in early 2008
The organist of the month in our last issue here, LInda Dachtyl of Columbus, OH, is releasing a follow-up to Blue Bop from 2006. Like it's predecessor, the new CD is being issued through Chicken Coup Records and has the title 'For Hep Cats'. Two preview tracks can be heard through Linda's myspace page


Website updates

  • The Leslie 610 service manual is (still) in the works being scanned
  • New Hammond brochures and magazine ads  have been added
  • Yet another version of the Leslie 122/122RV etc. manual is in the pipeline


X-mas organ music
the season is upon us, whether we like it or not. If you are a serious Hammond organ enthusiast, then why not make the most of the X-mas season and listen to some organ music while you're roasting chestnuts or decorating the tree. Here is a quite glance at some holiday organ favourites. If you know of a good, and currently available, title that I didn't list here, please let me know!
Jimmy Smith: Christmas Cookin' Perhaps the best known jazz organ X-mas CD. Great stuff! Available both on CD, good old vinyl and download
Jimmy Smith: Christmas '64 This is a 2005 reissue of 'Christmas Cookin' ' but with the last track 'Greensleeves' omitted (as it is already available on Organ Grinder's Swing)
Booker T. & The MG's: In the Christmas Spirit
Jimmy McGriff: Christmas with Jimmy McGriff
Ole Erling: Dansk Hammond Jul This CD (and its reissue as part of a 2-CD set, see below) of course caters mostly to listeners in Denmark - but it does contain a few international tunes such as Winter Wonderland, White Christmas and the venerable Jingle Bells. As far as I know, this CD is only available directly from Ole Erling's own website
Ole Erling: Ole Erling's bedste Hammond jul This is the 1997 reissue of the above 1974 disc plus an entire other CD with more Christmas tunes. Available on CD and as download - here's an example: